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Nutirition & Fitness Services Livermore

Do you know what vitamins and foods are good for you?

We provide specific recommendations on nutritional supplements and healthy food choices to enhance our patients return to optimal health. Is the food that you consume helping your body achieve its health and wellness potential?

Here at Advanced Health Chiropractic, we provide a structured nutritional program based on your individual needs. We have numerous nutritional supplements available to our patients and tailor it to each individual.

Dr. George Khoury, and the staff at Advanced Health Chiropractic, can provide a personal nutritional program that is based on each patient's unique health goals. Nutrition is an important part of health and making the correct food choices is imperative for wellness.

Our advanced system of patient care achieves superior results for every patient even those in the most chronic and difficult cases of health. We Pride ourselves in achieving dramatic and quick results when other methods of care have failed. To live a satisfying and productive life it is imperative to maintain a healthy body and our nutrition and fitness counseling program will help you achieve the results to change your life for the better. Let Dr. George Khoury give you the care that will help you achieve and maintain a healthy body for the rest of your life.

Jesse Burdick - Trainer

Nutirition & Fitness Services Livermore

Phone: (925) 202-4013
Location: Combat Sports Academy
6207 Sierra Court
Dublin, CA 94568

A father of 4-year old twin girls, former division I baseball player, CSCS, ART therapist, frequent contributor and advisory board member to Men’s Health, Muscle and Fitness and Power Magazines, Jesse currently competes as an Elite level power lifter in 3 weight classes with a best squat of 909 pounds, best bench of 601 pounds, and a best deadlift of 804 pounds.

Jesse coaches a power lifting team, high school athletic teams, and works with individuals including, professional, collegiate and nationally competitive athletes, enabling them to reach formerly “unattainable” goals. Jesse’s ever evolving knowledge of human anatomy and insight into the constantly progressing fitness industry enables him to custom tailor programs for clients looking to shed a few pounds or athletes preparing for competition. It is rare to find someone so passionate about their profession. Jesse’s love of health and fitness is truly contagious.

Monte Spicer - Active Release Technique Chiropractors

Nutirition & Fitness Services Livermore

Phone: (510) 409-1155
Location: Kinetic Chain Sport
7063 Commerce Cir
Ste G
Pleasanton, CA 94568

As a young teenager Monte’s career choice was to become a cartoon action hero. It was this interest in improving his physical size to that of cartoon hero status that led him into a local gym. Monte’s hard working the gym soon gained him attention in the world of bodybuilding. In 1991 he was the overall winner at the Contra Costa Bodybuilding Championships, placed 3rd in the 1993 USA Light Heavyweight Division, and remained a national competitor in bodybuilding for over 10 years. His continuing interest in understanding how the body’s muscle system functioned led him to study exercise physiology at Saint Mary’s College and spend the last 25 years in the sports therapy and fitness industries.

Monte’s knowledge of the muscle system and talent at helping people overcome injuries gained the attention of many professional athletes including Bill Romanowski. Professionals from all sports arenas including the NFL, MLB, NBA, Track and Field, as well as many collegiate and high school athletes continue to seek out his help, either to help overcome or to prevent injury.

Monte’s firsthand experience as a life time weight lifter, high school and college athlete give him a unique understanding on how the body’s muscle and skeletal system reacts to weight bearing and physical stress. His specialties include: Body sculpting, Speed and Strength Training, and Sport Therapy to overcome specific weak muscle areas.