Auto Injury & Whiplash Testimonials

Auto Injury Testimonials

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Auto Injury Testimonial by Scott H.

Scott Hylton

Hi my name is Scott Hylton and I was rear ended with my wife and my daughter about a month ago. I really wasn’t feeling good afterwards. I was feeling tight, not doing well, walking was a little rough sometimes and work was harder. But after I came here to Dr. Khoury everything has been doing a lot better. I can do more things now without having problems and the things I’ve been doing I’m not hurting as much. Every time I come in to see him I feel a lot better afterwards. I recommend this to anybody that gets rear ended because it will make you feel better.

Auto Injury Testimonial by Josefina H.

Josie Hylton

Hi my name is Josie Hylton and about a month ago my family and I got rear ended. So we decided to see Dr. Khoury. Actually, I was very skeptical to go to the chiropractor because previously I was hurt from when another chiropractor did something on my back and I did not like the way it felt after. Then my husband told me you have to go and you have to try it so then I said okay I will try it. It’s been awhile now that I have been hurting, and the impact on the accident didn’t help my back so I finally decided to go in and see Dr. Khoury and I am a believer! It really works well now and my back that has been hurting for a long time finally went away.

Car Accident, Neck, Shoulder, and Arm Injury

Bill Spragge

“Hi my name is Bill Spragge and I was in an accident last month, I was rear ended with my brother in law. At first I was thinking it was no big deal that day but due to the encouragement of my sister, she looked up Advanced Health Chiropractic. So we signed up and made an appointment and actually the next day when I woke up I noticed that I was starting to have all kinds of pains in my neck, my shoulder, and my lower back. I met Dr. Khoury and the team and they did my exam. When I went in the next week for my first adjustment I told them that over the weekend I couldn't sleep, it was just horrible pains tingling in my arms and literally within two adjustments the pain almost completely went away. Now, it is almost four weeks later and I am feeling better than ever and being someone who was skeptical of chiropractic my whole life, I recommend it all the time now. Dr. Khoury and the Team are Awesome!"

>Back and Neck Injury Due to Car Accident

Chery Tamaru

“Hi my name is Chery Tamaru and I was rear ended on I-580 about a month ago. I came here for treatment and the first day I came in I felt immediate relief. I have had other Chiropractic treatments in the past, years and years ago and they didn't do anything for me and this is the first time that I have actually felt relief in my back and my neck after an accident. It helped me tremendously to cope and work my week. I actually look forward to coming in because as I am stressed in between the days that I am not here, I feel a little light headed and when I come in I always feel 100% better. So Chiropractic is a good way to go!"

Car Accident Testimonial by Mathew D.

Mat St Denis

“Hi my name is Mat St Denis, I was in a car accident about a month ago with my brother in law on our way to work. We got rear ended, around 10 miles an hour, not too crazy but I have been told in the past that when you are in an auto accident it is always a good idea to get looked at. I never had done that before but this time I had a feeling, so my wife had searched around and found Advanced Health Chiropractic and Dr. Khoury’s team. A few days later I came in, and glad I did because within a few hours of the accident my neck and shoulder were in pain, had a headache and was dizzy. When I came in and got my first adjustment I felt immediate release of tension. As time went on going 3X a week and now at my 4th week the pain from the accident is completely gone and I feel so much better. I highly recommend Advanced Health Chiropractic and Dr. George Khoury!!"

Auto Accident, Back, and Neck Pain

Auto Accident Back Injury