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I'm Migraine free after suffereing for 10+ years!

Headache Relief with Only One Adjustment

Headaches, Tension, Low Energy Testimonial


Hi, my name is Alisha and before seeing Dr. Khoury, I was suffering from a lot of headaches, tension, low energy, not really being able to play with my kids as much as I’ve wanted to. Coming to Dr. Khoury has really helped tremendously, my headaches have pretty much gone away, I’ve had a huge improvement just with my energy, and being able to function. I (used to) get out of bed, feeling like I’m so old, but now I feel like I can wake up and start my day, and feel a lot better. My babies have been getting adjusted from the first week they were born. For all the moms that are out there that are wondering about chiropractic or infants, totally do it and it is great for your body.

Migraines are Gone


Hi, my name is Melissa. I have been a migraine sufferer for about 10-12 years now and I have tried probably everything underneath the sun. I’ve tried medication…from Tylenol to Motrin to Excedrin to prescription drugs from doctors. I’ve tried massages, which are nice, but they… only help a little bit. I’ve have had chiropractor help from previous years and I stopped… Then, I just came back about four weeks ago to Dr. Khoury and I am happy to say that after four weeks, I have not had a migraine in about a week or so and that is saying something really big considering I had about, at least, 3-4 migraines every week.. I’m very very happy and I am able to continue on with my life and I am able to play with my kids and not tell them ‘Mommy is very in pain and leave me alone.’ I’m very happy and thank you Dr. Khoury.

Headache Testimonial

Migraine Testimonial

Migraines and Allergies Gone

Lucas Petty

My name is Lucas and I am 8 years old. A couple of years ago I started getting awful headaches. They were almost every day to once a week. The headaches would hurt so bad that I would feel very sick and had to go to bed. My mom took me to Children's Hospital in Oakland to see a Pediatric Neurologist. They did a lot of test but couldn't find anything that caused my headaches. My mom told Dr. Khoury, her chiropractor, about me. Dr. Khoury told her to bring me in for a check-up. Dr. Khoury took X-Rays on me and found that my nerves were pinched in my neck. He started adjusting me and I'm happy to say that it's been a year since my last headache.