Sciatica Pain Testimonials

Back Pain and Sciatica Testimonial

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Nazmin Ali

Hi, my name is Nazmin Ali and I was referred here (Advanced Health Chiropractic) by one of my family members. I have been having low back pain since I was a child which is about 20 years. Also, I have been suffering from sciatic pain that goes down my leg and I have been in pain with that along with my low back pain. This year has been really bad. I couldn’t do anything without taking pain killers. I went to the doctors, physical therapy, (received) an epidural injection. None of them has helped. It comes back. It would help me a little then come back. I was referred here and just within two visits, I feel great. I am able to drive by myself. I use to have my husband or dad bring me to the first two visits. Now, this is my third visit and I am able to drive by myself and this is an hour and half drive. I keep coming here to have my back better. Hopefully, it would change someone else’s life too by seeing this.