Shoulder & Arm Pain Testimonials

Shoulder Pain Testimonial

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Dan Stamos

Hi my name is Dan Stamos. Last December, I had surgery to relieve impingement on my right shoulder and I had some lingering pain. I’ve gone through physical therapy and got steroid injections. It was still stiff and sore for months afterwards. Seven to eight months later, I was able to work out, but not to level I was previously. At the end, the soreness was not going away. I decided to try chiropractic. I looked up chiropractic offices on Yelp. I found Dr. Khoury’s practice. I went in and got the full x-ray and body screening. They performed adjustments on me and probably three to four weeks later, my shoulder started feeling a lot better and it has continue to improve along the way. I am back at the gym and working out better than I was even before the surgery. I am just feeling great.