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*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

Suffering with Chronic Pain?

Chiropractic care is an effective way to relieve chronic pain without the need of addictive medication. Contact us for an examination with Advanced Health Chiropractic in Livermore to assess your need for chiropractic care.
Collin B.'s pediatric testimonial for Advanced Health Chiropractic in Livermore

The doctors there are awesome, they helped me with my low back pain and they helped my 2 yr old daughter who was suffering from constipation. I highly recommend this place not only because of the excellent results my daughter and I achieved but because the staff there is amazingly friendly and knowledgeable.

Collin B.
Livermore, California

Angelina T.'s pediatric testimonial for Advanced Health Chiropractic in Tracy

I started coming here about 4 months ago, because my husband swears by this place. I was skeptical at first, but I was about 4 months pregnant and had horrible sciatica issues in my first pregnancy, to the point I couldn't sleep or ever sit comfortably. Since coming here I have had no sciatica issues with this pregnancy (Now 8 months pregnant) and the pain I normally get in my neck/shoulder area from sitting in front of a computer all day is completely gone. I highly recommend coming here if you have never been to a chiropractor or if you have not had the greatest experience with one in the past. All of the staff is extremely friendly and very knowledgeable, you never feel rushed if you have questions. The staff and Doctors genuinely care about their patients. All of the ladies at the front desk are awesome, sometimes my husband and I have to take our son with us who can be a handful, but Jamie and Claudia always help us keep him occupied with stickers so he feels extra special!

Angelina T.
Livermore, California

Anna R.'s pediatric testimonial for Advanced Health Chiropractic in Livermore

I highly recommend this place for your chiropractic needs!! I first came here 2 years ago to find relief when I was pregnant. The doctors were very patient, thorough, honest, and careful with my pregnancy issues. This year I'm back again because of intense back pains. Once again, they were very thorough, patient and extremely helpful in getting me back on pun intended!! 😉👍 I feel like I can always get an appt right away and the receptionists always answer the phone and are extremely helpful as well. Everyone is so caring and friendly... which is exactly what you need when you're in so much pain! Go check them out! They are wonderful here!! 🙂💖

Anna R.
Livermore, California

Imelda C.V.'s pediatric testimonial for Advanced Health Chiropractic in Livermore

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in 1999. My old doctor suggested I needed surgery immediately because from the scale of one to ten my wrist was seven. I told my doctor I was going to massage school. She told me I was going to ruined my hands even more. I told her I’m not going to get my surgery and I’m going to massage school. I went to massage school and two of my instructors suggested I needed to see a chiropractor and massage therapist and I will be fine. I went to see Advanced Health Chiropractic doctors, he adjusted me for the first time and I felt the difference right away. I went home and told my family about the miracle. My whole family was doing martial arts during the time. I brought my family of six to see Advanced Health Chiropractic doctors the next time I went to get adjusted. It’s really wonderful for range of motion. My eldest son was diagnosed with slight scoliosis and was a little hunch back with severe allergy, all of these disappeared after seeing Advanced Health Chiropractic doctors. I become a big believer of chiropractors. I am now carpal tunnel free. I’ve been a massage therapist for 18 years. I’ve been referring my clients to Advance Health Chiropractic. Everyone who works with Dr. Matt are wonderful. The clinic is super clean and very serene!

Imelda C.V.
Livermore, California

Alisha M.'s pediatric testimonial for Advanced Health Chiropractic in Pleasanton

All 5 stars for this wonderful chiropractors office! My family and I have been seeing Dr. Jagels for about a year and each time I arrive I am greeted by the sweetest and friendliest staff. The office is clean, they play great music, are attentive and kid friendly! Dr. Jagels have helped my neck and back and relieve my headaches. My children look forward to their adjustments too! If you are looking for a positive, health focused environment, check out their office. They also have nutrition classes.

Alisha M.
Pleasanton, California

Denny R.'s pediatric testimonial for Advanced Health Chiropractic in Livermore

I am a true believer in the whole chiropractic care and the overall well-being of your health. I’ve been racing motocross for most of my life and I’ve had some pretty extreme injuries. They do such an excellent job keeping my neck and back in shape, aligned and mostly pain-free. Besides my wife and I, my kids have been coming here pretty much since the day they were born.

Denny R.
Livermore, California

Paula L.'s pediatric testimonial for Advanced Health Chiropractic in Livermore

The staff at Advanced Health Chiropractic is super friendly and they genuinely care about your health. My husband and I were with the same chiropractor for over 20 years and switched to Advanced Health Chiropractic about a year ago. Dr. Van Aken has taken the best care of me, my husband and our teen daughter. He always makes us feel as if we are his only patients and never rushes through our appointments. He listens to our concerns and we always walk out feeling way better than when we arrived. We not only appreciate the care he has given us, but more importantly, our daughter. She used to suffer from headaches and neck aches frequently. She was diagnosed with scoliosis and since being treated by Dr. Van Aken, she has made huge improvements in a short time. Her scoliosis is no longer considered a concern. We highly recommend Advanced Health Chiropractic!

Paula L.
Livermore, California

Lisa A.'s pediatric testimonial for Advanced Health Chiropractic in Livermore

I had never been to a chiropractor before going to Advanced Health Chiropractic. I originally went to have my son looked at. He was experiencing headaches after a bad car accident several years ago. They uncovered issues that my son's pediatrician had not found. My son has been in treatment now with Advanced Health Chiropractic since December and already we are seeing great improvements. Since my son has been doing very well I had an exam to help me with back, hip and carpal tunnel issues. I had undergone a full hip replacement in the last year. Advanced chiropractic have been great and almost immediately my back pain and carpal problems in my wrist, arm and neck have gone away. I feel so much better and can tell if a week goes by where I don't have a procedure. It makes such a difference. I encourage everyone to be open to the great help that can be provided by these doctors. The staff, doctors and faciility are so wonderful. They have convenient hours and use the most organized scheduling system I have ever seen in a doctors office to ensure efficiency.

Lisa A.
Livermore, California

Megan M.'s pediatric testimonial for Advanced Health Chiropractic in Livermore

I recently joined the Advanced Health Chiropractic team and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision. I gave birth to my second child four months ago and since my delivery, I have been experiencing intense lower back pain and tightness in my shoulders/neck. I have just finished my first week getting adjusted and I can honestly say this is the first bit of relief I’ve had in months. I can’t wait to continue my sessions and learn about what stretches are going to be beneficial to help my body. Thank you to the staff for their welcoming smiles and allowing my children to come to my appointments and the doctors for their knowledge and skill in this beautiful science!

Megan M.
Livermore, California

Jason L.'s pediatric testimonial for Advanced Health Chiropractic in Livermore

Professional and trusted by many. Great with kids as well. Great staff overall and talented chiropractors.

Jason L.
Livermore, California

Danielle G.'s pediatric testimonial for Advanced Health Chiropractic in Livermore

While I was pregnant I started having some back pain, which is very typical and I expected much of it would go away after I delivered. The mid-lower back fatigue never went away, I couldn't even get through a shopping trip to Target without needing to sit and rest awhile - a feeling that used to take a full day on my feet and walking for me to feel. I was also getting pain in my right hip and had suffered for a few years with shoulder nerve irritations and numbing in my right arm from working at a desk all day. After the first month of coming here twice a week and seeing Dr. Van Aiken I felt a huge improvement, and after the end of my 12 week treatment plan 90% of my pain and discomforts were gone. In my initial consultation x-ray they saw that I have 2 pretty big scoliosis curves in my spine and no curvature left in my neck, which is bad in someone not even 30 yet. I've been coming regularly (but not as frequently as the initial 12 week treatment) for a year and a half and the curvatures in my spine and neck have improved quite a bit! I still have occasional hip discomfort partly from carrying my toddler around and those scoliosis curves but stretching, exercising and getting adjustments help so much. Even if I do feel the discomfort it doesn't last very long or inhibit me from doing my regular activities.

My husband has also been coming too for neck pain, headaches and a frozen shoulder and has had great relief in all of those areas. We were referred here by close friends who come for back problems and migraines and have felt big improvements. The staff here are all so friendly and work with you to find a routine and payment plan that will work for you. I would highly recommend Advanced Health Chiropractic, especially Dr. Van Aiken, to anyone.

Danielle G.
Livermore, California

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.